Monday, 24 October 2011

Alicia Gaultier

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Karly Perez

"Ada" 5.5 inches. Stone clay, wensleydale wool fiber, textiles. 2011
"Liddie" 6 inches. Stone clay, mohair fiber, textiles. 2011
"Dorothea" 9 inches. Stone clay, tussah silk fiber, textiles. 2010
"Neora" 6.5 inches. Stone clay, english viscose fiber, textiles. 2011

From Her Tumblr:
"I didn’t take any classes, I found some basic tutorials to start me off. This is an amazing one on sculpting a face. And here’s one on how to make wefts for hair. There’s a bunch of other tutorials on both sites, but I haven’t looked at them too closely. 
I found the best way to learn though is just through experimentation. I’m constantly learning myself. I started with polymer clay and moved to paper clay and then to what I use now, stone clay. I’m going to test out using Apoxie this summer. 
My biggest problem when I first started making dolls was trying to figure out what supplies to get and where to purchase them. 
For clay, I’ve found most art supply or craft stores carry the clays that I’ve used. Right now I use La Doll Premier. I actually use dental tools to sculpt, they tend to be cheaper than sculpting tools and they are extremely versatile. I purchased mine from this shop, they also sell a wide variety of doll making supplies (mostly polymer stuff).
All of my current eyes have just been simple black glass from this shop. They’re extremely cost effective. I’ve also used taxidermy eyes from Van Dyke’s. They have an incredible selection. And if you’re willing to spend a good amount of money on eyes, this site carries an incredible selection.
Finally, hair. There’s a lot of options out there. I suggest trying various fibers to figure out which suits you best. This shop has a very wide selection of different fiber types. This shop sells my preferred fiber, tussah silk. 
Hopefully that’s enough to get you started. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask!"

Abi Monroe


Doll tutorials

How to make Cernit sculpt doll:サーニット粘土でOOAK baby 

【12インチ関節人形の頭部制作風景08】 Making of an original 12inches doll head

Hanano joint doll

I make ball jointed dolls.
I have begun to take the stopmotion animation with my doll which I made.

Head colouring

Anna Brahms

She made her first doll from Fimo, a newly developed plastic clay in 1978, the year her daughter was born. These early dolls were bought by a gallery in Tel- Aviv and not long after the family moved to Paris. Soon galleries throughout Europe began to buy Anna's work.